About grey


You are the men in grey,
Shaking hands, smiling for the camera,
Building a fence, turning your heads right,
giving talks at a world conference,
promising that you understand

But with every empty word you say
you are smoking our time

You are the women in grey,
talking about jobs and economic growth,
about profit, security and a black zero,
about efficiency and future technical solutions that we will come to know,
about business as usual in a world of unusual climatic change

And whenever you open your mouth
you are smoking our time

You are persons in grey,
tweeting about catastrophes and people in need,
driving big cars, eating meat burgers every lunch,
flying to Bali for a yoga retreat, reading a book about ignorance,
buying new clothes every month,
feeling that change is out of your hands

And with every step that follows your greed
you are smoking our time

You are grey,
leaving society in the tranquillizing smoke of doing nothing,
saying: it is not that easy, you have to understand,
The problem can not be pictured in black and white,
the solution is difficult, not in our hand
sorry, but don’t worry
you are turning away
And the only thing that will remain
is the smoke of grey
cigarettes made out of rare flowers of time

This is NOT about black and white.
This is about GREY.

This is about knowing the facts,
knowing there is no planet B,
knowing it is time to act,
time to smash this capitalist economy
time to change our patterns, our system
time to grow global solidarity, create a new reality
time to truly listen and raise our voices

This is about knowing it is time to make radical choices.

We all know,
There is only one hour-lily left
we borrowed it from the next generations,
from nature, from life on planet earth,
we can not freeze it, save it on a bank,
ask mister Hora for another chance
time is rare and this flower is in our hand

There is only one hour-lily,
There is only one hour-lily left
wasting it for smoking is theft