Drawing, painting, finding words.
Putting the pencil where it itches and tingles, drawing circles where it hurts. Tracing cracks, writing texts, asking questions. Capturing moments, depicting inner realities and microscoping external circumstances.
Sometimes this results in art.

In my everyday life and in my artistic work I deal with criticizing society and imagining a social utopia. In doing so, I mainly encompass (queer) feminist themes, justice, self-organization, empowerment, and environmental and sustainability issues in different compositions. In my work, relationships and conflicts (with external circumstances, with other people, with oneself) often play a central role. I depict snapshots, I want to show the images that arise in us from experiences, dreams, desires, expectations and fears. Images that we often do not see in reality, but which are nevertheless part of reality. To me, art is also a tool to make these realities visible, accessible and thus changeable.