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‘Bloody days’ is about experiences with menstruation. It’s about shitty days that start in the morning with a pain in the stomach, seemingly mysterious emotional downs, dark blue melancholy and aches that curl around hot water bottles. It’s about self-care, the fear of bleeding for the first time and the fact that the topic is not a “women’s issue”, but that men with an uterus also menstruate. It is also about raising awareness and removing taboos. It is about the realisation that menstrual blood draws really beautiful patterns in the shower and that menstrual cups are absolutely awesome. But the question remains why blood in advertising looks like blue glass cleaner. And why is menstrual blood on sofas so much worse than red wine stains?


Titel: Ups Year: 2020 Format: 70 x 100cm Material: Aquarell & pigmentliner on paper